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Coach Becka Drake

Authentically Me, So You Can Be Authentically YOU

For many years, I tried to live up to the expectations of my family, my friends, and society.  This lead me to make many decisions that ultimately placed me in a life were I was unhappy, depressed, anxious, and ultimately resentful.  After many years of trying to be "perfect" in the eyes of others, I learned that trying to be "perfect" was impossible, but being Authentic, changed everything.

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Coach Becka brings her high energy, passion, and commitment to showing you that you have the power to improve your life no matter your circumstances


 Coach Becka walks with you through the struggles, and celebrates with you through the wins, all in honor of your journey to Become someone who loves the person in the mirror


Coach Becka knows not everyone is at the same stage of their journey.  From Dreaming, To Growing, and Living, She has developed Programs to meet you where you are, and catapult you to higher levels

Workshops and Retreats

From Lunch and Learns to Weekend Retreats, Coach Becka will inspire you to own the Power inside you, she gives you tool and skills to enable you to become someone who knows their own worth, and the worth of others

Coach Becka has helped me remember who I was before I believed what that others said about me. She helped me take back my life and supported me through learning to be more independent and living life the way I wanted

Praise for Coach Becka Drake
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