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Becka Drake


My Why:

For almost 30 years of my own life, I believed that I was never 'good enough'. I lived a life of self doubt, depression, anxiety, and fear. I was always struggling to understand how life could be so hard.

I spent a large portion of my adult life, trying to be "Perfect" and always coming up short. I made many choices that I thought were the "Perfect" Choices, and hung out with the "Perfect" people, and even married the "Perfect" guy. I was so worried about what everyone else thought about my life, that I never really thought about what I wanted.  I lived my life for everyone else, and I constantly put others before myself.  
When I finally realized that I was important enough to have my thoughts and feelings matter, to have my ideas heard, to chose to pursue dreams that were mine and not what everyone else wanted me to be, I finally realized that I was good enough to be loved by the person that mattered the most, myself!
I now want to empower others to find out that who they truly are, their Authentic Self is "good enough" and deserving enough of a life they love as well.

My Training:

My Training

I have been Certified by CTAA as a Professional Life Coach and  Neuro-Linguistic Programmer, I have been Certified by Life Mastery Institute as a Dream Builder Coach, and I am  Proudly working towards my Master Certified Empowerment Life Coach Certification accreditation from Empowerment Coach Academy. I have had training with world-renown mindset mentors such as Mary Morrissey, Bob Proctor, as well as Marsha M. Linehan, Karen E. Wells, Louise Anne Maurice, Nick Ortner and Dr. Rick Hansen.  I bring my 15 plus years of psychiatric counseling training (although I do not act as a counselor nor do I engage with Therapy with my coaching clients) in both dialectical and cognitive behavioral therapy, as well as training in EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and neuroplasticity (brain re-wiring) into my coaching sessions as additional skills to help my clients quickly increase their confidence and belief that they can and will create a life they love.

Authentically Me

I am a woman with a mission and a passion to help others become the very best versions of themselves in order to attain their true goals and dreams.

I am a mother of 5. Three step children and 2 biological children - but all of them are "My" children.  My two youngest are on the Autism Spectrum, one high functioning and one severe.  My youngest also has a rare medical condition called OMaS (Opsoclonus Myoclonus Ataxia Syndrome which you can read about here).

I am a very passionate woman in all of my roles, daughter, mother, wife, life coach, business owner, and friend.

I do all this and still stay real.

I am not a "Perfect" person, I still get frustrated, angry, hurt, jealous, and I still cuss like a sailor, but I continue to grow and expand daily. 

I am a gamer-girl at heart.  I love most MMORPG's, D&D, Action, and Role-playing games.

I spent 15 plus years working with the Criminally insane.  This taught me patience, understanding, and the ability to not be shocked by anything (usually).

I love and crave nature,being surrounded by the wilderness while camping is one of my very favorite things. 
Animals are a vital part of my life. I have two cats who quietly - and not so quietly rule my home in their cat ways.  I also have a gorgeous Great Dane, who absolutely refuses to allow you to ignore him. 
I love my pajamas and I have a personal goal to be able to stay in my pajamas for a full day someday.

I believe that we all must be authentically ourselves, and I will always be the first to show you exactly who I am, so that you can be who YOU are, become who you want to be, and live a life you love!

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