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Guiding and Supporting you to  take the steps needed to live your Best Life.

Becka Drake


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About Me

I am a woman with a mission and a passion to help others become the very best versions of themselves in order to attain their true best life.

I am a mother of 5. Three step children and 2 biological children - but all of them are "My" children.

My two youngest are on the Autism Spectrum, one high functioning and one severe.  My youngest also has a rare medical condition called OMaS (Opsoclonus Myoclonus Ataxia    Syndrome  you can read about here and follow his journey here).

I spent 15 plus years working with the Criminally insane.  This taught me patience, understanding, being non-judgmental, and the ability to not be shocked by anything (usually).

I am a gamer-girl at heart.  I love most MMORPG's, D&D, Action, and Role-playing games.

I love and crave nature, being surrounded by the wilderness while camping is one of my very favorite things. 


Animals are a vital part of my life. I have two cats who quietly - and not so quietly rule my home in their cat ways.  I also have a gorgeous Great Dane, who absolutely refuses to allow you to ignore him. 

I thoroughly enjoy reading and I can devour a book in record time.  I love to share my thoughts and ideas about what I have read. From the time honored great literary works, to personal development, to the newest non-fiction, love them all!

I love my pajamas and I have a personal goal to be able to stay in my pajamas for a full day someday.**

I am a very passionate woman in all of my roles, daughter, mother, wife, life coach, business owner, and friend. I am not Perfect and I don't pretend to be. I am simply me, a divine soul having a human existence but I continue to grow and expand daily. 


I believe that we all must be authentically ourselves, and I will always be the first to show you exactly who I am, so that you can be who YOU are, become who you want to be, and live a life you love!

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My Why


For almost 30 years of my own life, I believed in my soul that I was never 'good enough'. I lived a life of self doubt, depression, and anxiety. I struggled to figure out my own place in the world and still being accepted by others around me. 

Life was difficult much of the time and although I had dreams and aspirations, I was often gently dissuade from actually going for them as they were "too difficult", or "unachievable", or even "impossible" for "someone like you (me)".  So I put away my childish dreams and looked to others to figure out what I was supposed to be, have, and do in my life. 

I spent a large portion of my adult life, trying to be "Perfect" and always coming up short. I made many choices that I thought were the "Perfect" Choices. I was often so worried about what everyone else thought about my own life, that I was never really living a life. I was just going through the motions of a life that was dictated to me by those around me. 

I was miserable and I looked to personal development and improvement as a way to fix myself. Unfortunately, I often felt like I was not doing it right because I wasn't having the major success or breakthroughs I was reading about that were supposed to be happening. 


I felt that I wasn't having the right thoughts, or I wasn't doing the "Steps"  correctly, or not believing hard enough.  It seemed that no matter what I did, no matter how much I wanted it to happen, my life was still not "Perfect."


Until I finally figured it out.  I finally was hit with the understanding that changed my life.   I don't have to be Perfect, I just have to be me. 


Real and True me.  Authentic Me.  Once I embraced who I truly was, everything became clear and easy.  The Steps the gurus we telling me were easy to achieve and I was seeing successes in my life all the time.  


Because I was not trying to be everything to everyone else, I was instead being me and surrounding myself with the people that love and accept me - Authentic Me - my life has become my best life.  


Now I want to share with others the path way to learning who their Authentic Self is, so that they can successfully achieve their own best life.

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My Certifications

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MCELC - Pending (2021)

   Empowerment Coach Academy/ Louise Anne Maurice.

Certified Master Life Coach.
   Empowerment Coach Academy/ Louise Anne Maurice.

Certified  Masters Level Empowerment Coaching Certification and Accreditation
    Empowerment Coach Academy/ Louise Anne Maurice.

Certified Professional Life Coach 

    The Complementary Therapists Accredited Association/ Karen E. Wells

Certified Dream Builder Coach

    Life Mastery Institute ( The Brave Thinking Institute)/ Mary Morrissey. 


Coaching and Principles of Prosperity Training

   Proctor Gallagher Institute/ Bob Proctor. 

Certified  Neurolinguistic Programmer

    The Complementary Therapists Accredited Association/ Karen E. Wells,

Positive Neuroplasticity

    Dr. Rick Hanson.

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy Practitioner
    Colorado Mental Health Institute @Pueblo / Dr. Marsha M. Linehan.

EFT Practitioner
   Colorado Mental Health Institute @Pueblo / EFT Tapping Institute 

Verbal Judo (Training and Trainer)

   Colorado Mental Health Institute @ Pueblo /Dr. George "Doc" J. Thompson

Verbal Defense and Influence (Training and Trainer)

    Colorado Mental Health Institute @ Pueblo/ Gary Klugiewicz

Psychiatric Technician (certificate and degree)

    Pueblo Community College and Colorado Mental Health Institute @ Pueblo