Individual coaching with Coach Becka Drake focuses specifically on you, your current situation, your dreams and goals.  She will be in your corner motivating, inspiring, and challenging you to move past your limiting beliefs, overcome your current struggles, see things from a different perspective, and start creating a life you love living.

No matter where you are in the world, Coach Becka Drake can support, guide, and encourage you to take the smallest and the massive action steps needed to move from a life of just surviving into a life you truly love living.  

Whether it is on the phone, on video chat or in person, she will bring her understanding, her encouragement, her knowledge, and her humor to help keep you centered and moving in the direction of the life you truly love.  

Coach BeckaDrake understands the struggles of many people who are not living their authentic lives.  She did that for so many years.  She knows the struggle of wanting to "fit it", trying to balance personal needs and with the demands of others,  and just wanting to be loved for who you are instead of who others need you to be.  She knows the difficulty and heartbreak of working parents, she was one.  She understands the struggles of a stay at home parent, she is one. She understands the needs of parenting special needs children, she has some.  

She also understands the longing and desire for a life that is less "stuck" and more "fun". She has personally taken the steps needed to get "unstuck" and now she brings that experience and her knowledge that everyone situation is different and needs individualized help. 

Coach Becka will listen to your story, professionally assess your life, circumstances, and desires. She will work within your situation to bring you the best she has to offer.  


Think you can't afford a life coach?  You would be surprised to know that she also understands "broke" and truly values each unique situation.  She will work within almost all circumstances to move you in the direction of a bigger better life.  Don't be limited by your current beliefs, request a free session and see where your life can thrive with coaching and mentoring with Coach Becka.

Coach Becka Drake, LLC   |   Pueblo, CO USA   |   719-557-2484

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