Frequently Asked Questions
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General Life Coaching

What exactly is Life Coaching?

Life Coaching focuses on what is happening right now in your current life.  What you want to have happen, what you want your life to be life, and the gap between those two things. 

Coaching helps you identify goals and dreams that you want to attain and the obstacles that keep getting in your way. 

It is about finding and receiving motivation, encouragement, and accountability to make the changes needed to ensure that you are constantly improving the areas of your life that you are not fully satisfied with.

What is a Life Coach?

A life coach is a wellness professional who helps people to make progress in their lives in order to attain a life that each individual considers fulfilled.  Life coaches guide and help their clients in improving their health, relationships, careers, and day to day lives.

They help to clarify dreams and goals, identify obstacles and ways to overcome them.  They support and encourage their clients to take the steps needed to improve their lives.

They help you identify your strengths and how to use them to achieve long lasting changes as well as identifying where your weaknesses can be challenged and strengthened.

Ultimately, a life coach is a mentor that helps you go from where you are now, to the life that you really want and walks the journey with you.

What are the types of Life Coaches

There are many types or specializations in coaching some of the more notable ones are:

* Addiction and Sobriety Coaching

* Business, Executive and Leadership Coaching

* Career Coaching
* Couples Life Coaching
* Diet and Fitness Coaching

* Dating and Relationship Coaching

* Divorce and Divorce Recovery Coaching

* Family Life Coaching
* Financial Coaching

* Generalized Life Coaching

* Health and Wellness Coaching

* Life Skills Coaching

* Mental Health Coaching

* Spirituality Coaching
* Transformation Coaching

  * and Many Other Specializations as well

Who uses Life  Coaches / Do I need one?

Many people seek out life coaches for guidance in making significant changes in their lives.  They turn to coaching to help build a happier, healthier, more meaningful life.

There are a number of indicators that suggest that working with a life coach could be helpful for you.  These include but are not limited to:

* Frequently Irritated or Frustrated
* High levels of Stress / anxiety

* Lack of feeling content with your life

* Wishing your life was different

* Feeling dissatisfied with specific areas of your life

* Feeling as if you are Stuck and unable to get out 
* Wishing you were a different person / had different things/ had different life

Life Coaching used to be used exclusively by Executives, Power Professionals, Entrepreneurs and Creatives. Now Life coaching is more main stream and available anyone who wants to improve their lives.

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Working With Coach Becka

What is Empowerment and Transformation Coaching

Coach Becka has training in multiple areas of life coaching. She is considered a Generalized Coach that specializes in Empowerment and Transformation.

Empowerment Coaching:
A way to increase and maintain your own personal power, inner strength, and confidence in yourself so that you feel capable and deserving of achieving your goals.

Transformation Coaching 

A way to improve yourself and your life by expanding or shifting your way of being, thoughts, perceptions and energy to uncover what is needed to achieve your goals.

Individual Coaching

Individual Coaching with Coach Becka is very specific and individualized to your life and situation. You will partner with Coach Becka to assess your current life, determine what your Best Life could look like, what you will need to learn and/or do in order to live that Best life.  You will receive support, guidance, teaching, and accountability each and every call. You will also receive challenges to complete each week.

Group Coaching

Group Coaching is connected to a specific course or program and coaching calls are lead by Coach Becka with multiple participants with coaching related to the topic of the course or program.  There are times for Q & A to get specific questions answered related to your journey with the course content.

How much does it cost to work with Coach Becka

A better question might be - what is it costing you now not to get coaching? What is your life worth to you?  How much would it be worth to you to wake up every morning feeling great, really great, feeling joy, making more money, having that amazing relationship, and loving your life the way you want it to be?

Rationalizing making an investment in yourself can be difficult, but it is absolutely worth it to live a life that is fulfilling.  Coaching leads you to having your life in order, living up to your fullest potential, having more happiness and energy and accomplishing more than you ever thought possible.

Coaching is like preventative medicine.  By correcting the things that are unbalanced, improving areas that create stress and anxiety, and living fully actually decrease long term medical conditions that can cost you much more than just money.

All of this being said, Coach Becka charges on average $400.00 a month for individual coaching.  Group coaching costs are included in the price of her programs and courses that offer group coaching.  

Worried that you may not be able to afford coaching?  Coach Becka has limited scholarships available.  You can ask her about these during your Free Session.

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Authentic, Not Perfect 

What is Authentic, Not Perfect

Authentic, Not Perfect is the name of the philosophy that Coach Becka brings to her coaching and coaching programs. 

It is the idea that there is no true definition of Perfect and Perfect does not exist. The idea of Perfect is a fluid idea that is constantly changing depending on many factors, influencers, and society driven values and beliefs.

Because of this, she understands that in order for one to live their Best Life, they must connect with their Authentic Self. They must know authentically what makes them truly  happy and what they really want out of life.  

In order to live your best life, you must strive to be Authentic, Not Perfect.

What does it mean to be Authentic.

Boiled down to simplest terms, Authentic means real.

Authentic means being true to who you are, your own personal values and beliefs.  It means to live your life by the ground rules you have set for yourself.  It is bringing your whole self into every action and interaction you have daily.

It means recognizing that you have created different mini versions of yourself depending on situations and circumstances in order to survive life situations. It means that you must reconcile all of these mini versions into the sum total of who you really are.