A Message From The Universe...

Dear Manifestor,  It has come to my attention that you are working really hard at trying to manifest things in your life.  You are doing all the things that you have been taught to do.  You have voiced your desire. You have sent up your prayers. You are reciting your affirmations. You are setting your intentions.  You are even acting as if.

That's awesome.  You are putting in some hard work.  I'm really proud of you and I can see that you really want these things.  I really want you to have them too! I know you are asking yourself why these things are appearing.  I keep sending them your way!  So what is the problem? Dear sweet innocent manifestor, You are missing the most vital piece.  You are not believing that these things can and ARE yours! Seriously. Honestly and truly. You are asking, I am sending.  The problem does not lie in our cooperative relationship.  The problem my friend, lies in your belief.  In every great lesson on manifesting, there is always two requirements.  The first is asking.  The second is believing. 

So, stop beating yourself up.  You got this.  I got you.  All you have to do is grow your belief. In love and connection,  The Universe

Quote of the Week

Jeffrey Allen

"You attract what you believe, not what you ask for."


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