Are You For Real?

Updated: Feb 14

Good Morning!

I have recently had an epiphany.  I realized that in order to make MY goals and dreams come true, I had to come clean with looking at what I truly wanted.  I spent almost two years of my life, my career, following the 'proven' steps to success.  Yes, these steps helped, but it did not catapult me into this amazing and wonderful success that I was dreaming about.  I was doing all the things, but I wasn't getting where I wanted to be. I was becoming frustrated, angry, and honestly feeling like a failure. That's when the epiphany hit me.  I was trying to be someone else.  I was trying to do what someone else did.  I wasn't being true to myself.  I wasn't FOR REAL.  Sure, I was preaching the value of having dreams, working hard to get there, and being positive all the way.  These are things I believe in.  But the actual work, PFFT!  I was doing what I always did... what I was TOLD to Do.  I was living a purgatory life.  It wasn't bad, but it wasn't great either.

A series of unfortunate (fortunate!) events happened, and I started going down the path of rebranding, I have a new Business Name:  Coach Becka Drake, LLC.  I have a new mission: Honoring that which I AM.  And I have to tell you, even though I am just getting started, I am terrified and excited.  I am already seeing the success increase in my life in so many ways.  And it all started with recognizing my Authentic Self!  I don't have to be Perfect, I don't have to do "the right things", I just have to be ME.  FOR REAL!! So this week, I want to encourage you to be for real.  Take time this week to look at who you truly are.  Not what you were told you are, but who you really are.  The real you, not what the world around you has told you to be.  Who is THAT person?  What does THAT person really want? What does THAT person really need?  Take off the suit of trying, and just stand in the amazing presence of who you REALLY are.  When you can do this, without judgment and with acceptance, you may just find that your true path is two steps to the left of the one you are on now.

Quote of the Week

Dr. Phil McGraw

"Be your authentic self. Your authentic self is who you are when you have no fear of judgment, or before the world starts pushing you around and telling you who you're supposed to be. Your fictional self is who you are when you have a social mask on to please everyone else. Give yourself permission to be your authentic self"

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