Better Than You Were Yesterday

I belong to a group of amazing people ( My Peak Challenge)

that are working towards achieving personal goals on health, either physically or mentally or both. As we each post about our challenges and accomplishments we each support and cheer each other on. It's an amazing thing and I absolutely love the community we all took part in creating. As I was looking at the posts, something really stood out to me recently. Many of the posts sharing accomplishments were amazing. Each person doing bigger and better than they had been before. Watching these folks improve their lives with little steps each day that accumulates in major steps in the bigger picture.

However, there was something that darkened my happiness. You see, each of these amazing people and their amazing accomplishments were almost invalidated by a single sentence. Many of these accomplishment posts were defeated by each person commenting that they were not as good as something else in life.

The woman who walked around the block for the first time in many many years, invalidated her own success by stating, "I know its not much to many of you who run marathons."

The man who lost his leg in combat, but was able to do box jumps for the first time who shared, "The boxes are not very high, and I didn't do a lot"

The recently widowed woman who joined a gym who stated, "it doesn't seem like much, but its a start."

Often we look at what we are doing and feeling like it is unworthy of mention or not as good as what others are doing. We compare what we are accomplishing in health and fitness to those Olympic athletes that have been training all their lives. It's so heart wrenching to become aware that not only are other people doing it, but we ALL are doing the comparison in some way or another. It is a self-defeating habit that holds our self-confidence hostage.

Why do we do it? I believe it is that perception that if we just share out accomplishments, then we are ego driven and conceited. So we invalidate ourselves by comparing to others. I wonder, what would your life be like if you didn't compare yourself to someone else, but only to who you were yesterday? What if your validation scale was based on your own past and your own experiences? Would you feel more accomplished? More successful? More amazing? I challenge you to take a few days, and notice where you are invalidating your own accomplishments and judge it not by societies scale, but by your own experiences, who you were yesterday. I imagine that you will boldly increase your own sense of self. Try it out. Then send me an email or a instant message and let me know how it works for you.

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