Changing Your Life - A Difficult Process Made Easier

Updated: Feb 6

I recently opened an email from a newsletter subscriber who told me these beautiful words of encouragement:

"It seems you were in a cocoon these past 9 months and now you are emerging as an even more beautiful butterfly!"

It put a smile on my face to know that someone believed in my ability to return to the living! But it also got me thinking; a lot of my time healing and recovering was spent on just that.. healing and recovering. A smaller, quieter portion of my that time, was spent on evaluating my own personal journey. I spent time looking at where I was feeling I was doing well, where I can make improvements, and where I was feeling like I was failing. I will admit that it wasn't always a pretty process, and just like the caterpillar that struggles to emerge from its cocoon, there was times of hard work, and times of rest. There is still a lot of work to be done.

Change is Difficult At Times

A major thing that most coaches, transformational speakers, and gurus don't tell you about when they are encouraging you to change your life, is that it will be difficult at times. I get it. It's hard to sell something that can be difficult. It's much easier to sell the "quick" and "easy." But as the old saying goes, nothing worth having is easy.

I won't lie to you. It is my own solemn oath to always be honest, even when its difficult. So I won't lie, change can be difficult at times. If it wasn't everyone would embrace it and be living their best life. But there is good news as well. Although change can be difficult at times, it can also be made easier. It can be fun and exciting.

Changes that improve your life both quickly and in long lasting ways is always worth the effort.

Changes that improve your life both quickly and in long lasting ways is always worth the effort. I know this my friends, because I have been there and I continue to chose to be there making the changes that constantly improve my own life. I do so even when its not easy, because I know I am worth it, my life is worth it, and those around me are worth it.

Change Can Be Easier

There are ways to make the changes you will go through easier. Many of the ways will be very personal and specific to your own journey. However, there are a few ways to make things easier that everyone can include in their journey. One is to have a clear and focused direction. Knowing exactly where you are headed; the "end game content" as we gamers call it is vital. Knowing where you are going helps to keep you focused and motivated, and willing to take the steps. A second thing you can include to make your journey easier, is to have a support system in place. Having someone in your corner that will be rooting for you, have your best interests at heart, and not have any other motive other than to help you improve your own life is essential to making the journey that much easier.

There will be valley's in your journey, but there will also be wonderful views from the mountain tops. It's not just a cliché, but it is also reality- the view from the top will always be worth the climb.

Are you ready for your own journey? Are you ready to take on the all the challenges of change; the difficult, the easy, the exciting, and the fun in order to reach the view at the top of your best life?

There is no better day than today to set your journey in motion.

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