Coronavirus Did Me In, but I survived, mostly...

ICYMI: I have been taking a convalescence break from most of my work the past 5 months. I last left you with news that I and my family had contracted the Corona virus. We tested positive April 2nd, after my doctor decided that we had enough symptoms to be tested. We were all doing okay with the virus. We had coughs, chills, fevers, and generally feeling crappy. We generally tried to push through and get our daily activities done. We tried to continue to work through feeling sick and still get everything on our to-do list done, which now started to include multiple medical and therapy appointments that all happened virtually as we, along with most everyone else were placed in lock down.


Towards the end of May, we had some good news. The kids were feeling much better. They were back to their normal selves, with the exception of our youngest child. You see, our youngest child has a rare autoimmune disorder, He is very susceptible to viral illnesses and these viral illnesses can cause multiple symptoms that can be life threatening. In May, 5 people with the same autoimmune disorder that he has contacted Corona, at the end of May, 4 of the 5 people had died. Our Child was still living! We were beside ourselves with relief and gratitude. Not only that, but the symptoms that he had been living with; muscle jerking, tremors, and ataxia (falling a lot) were all gone! He literally had NO symptoms. We cautiously celebrated. With the kids back to feeling well, we had hope that we were going to be shortly feeling back to normal ourselves. However, that was not the case. My husband and I continued to feel exhausted. We literally were taking turns napping through out the day and keeping up with the kids and their energy. In addition to this, I personally had developed some symptoms that at the time did not seem to be normal. I developed pneumonia, fluid retention, fibromyalgia-like pain, burning skin, feelings that my body was vibrating, tremors, brain fog, and ataxia. I struggled just to get around my house without falling. Although my doctor thought about admitting me to the hospital, she decided that me being at home would be the better safer choice. My husband continued to have difficulty with energy and physical endurance.


Before there was a name for it, before it was common knowledge that many people were still having lasting effects from getting the virus, I was talking with my doctor about my own personal lasting effects. I was being unable to move from my bed to the bathroom without severe pain all over my body. I could not stand to have someone touch me. I was having severe chronic fatigue and continued to have increased fluid retention. I went through multiple treatments to try to fix all of these things. Some worked, some didn't. I was reminded of the fact that they call it "practicing medicine" and that this virus was unknown to everyone including doctors.


By the end of September, I was completely a mess. I was struggling to walk and struggling to have clear and coherent conversations, I had developed Rheumatoid Arthritis, and my muscle fatigue was intense and unbearable at times. After some lab work, my doctor decided that I needed IVIG infusions in order to help boost my immune system which was being taxed to the breaking point. The infusion center here in my town is amazing! Heated and vibrating sheets, warm blankets and endless tea. As well as the calm and quiet environment which soothed my soul all combined to make me feel like I was the Queen of the sick people.


After the infusions, I started to get better giving my immune system a boost really helped! I also had heart scans, full body scans, and brain scans to see what was going on with my body. I started attending Physical Therapy and adjusted my medications. I was starting to feel better!! It was found that at sometime in the past few months, I suffered a minor stroke. Thankfully, there are no real lasting issues related to that. It's now the first week of December and I still have some walking issues as well as energy issues. I still at rare times have some brain fog (thought blocking- where I know what I want to say but it takes me some time to get the right word out) but it is few and far between and I have been able to work around it. Because of how much I have improved, I have been given permission to resume my coaching business. I am still restricted from any form of live in person events - but then again so is the rest of the world, so I am not really missing out.

I'M BACK AND MOVING FORWARD! As I am released to return to work as I feel able to, I am slowly returning to working on things that got put aside in order to fully recover. I will be restarting my blog, social media posts, email posts, taking on new clients, and yes, I will be releasing my coaching programs. All of this will take some time, but I am back and moving forward. I am excited and ready to jump back into helping people connect with their true selves and create lives they they really want to live.

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