Dream Big, Start Small

This week, I have spent some time dreaming. I had an idea, that I could do some home improvement this year. I spent a lot of time reading, watching youtube videos, and looking at pictures. I found so many ideas. I became really excited when I started looking at these things and thinking about what I wanted my home to look like, what the finished product would be. When I walked away from my dreaming and looked at my home as it is now, I felt this feeling of defeat. In order to turn my home as it currently is, into the home that I was dreaming of, it seemed like such an overwhelming task. I had this wish that I could just snap my fingers and it would all be done and I would have this beautiful home. Most of us have dreams. We have this idea or vision of what we want the outcome to be. It's usually grand in some fashion; successful business career, early retirement, that great relationship, so many different dreams that are huge and wonderful and fantastic. Once we tune back into reality from that dream, and we see things as they are right now, we become contracted, closed up, feeling like those big dreams are impossible. The work needed to achieve those dreams may feel like it too much, and we will never reach it.

And this is what I call the "dream killer" moment.

And this is what I call the "dream killer" moment. That moment when you go from flying high in hope, possibility, and ideas, to looking at the reality, at what currently is. This is the moment when you shut down on your dreams. When it looks too big, too hard, too impossible. And you tell yourself, you are okay with what you currently have, because the dream is too much. There are many ways to overcome the dream killer moment, but ultimately if you work through that moment, you can then find the inner strength needed to begin. When you are ready to return to your dream, remember to start small. After I worked through my dream killer moment, I took a deep breath and looked around my home, I realized that in order to make that dream a reality, I needed to set a foundation that would enable me to actually DO those improvements. I started with the laundry. It had been piling up. Sure it is a necessary and needed task in my life now. But it was also the first small step needed on my journey to home improvement. There is power in starting small. The achievement of completing a task, even a small task, is powerful. That power will in turn propel you to even bigger tasks and even bigger achievements. What is your dream or vision for your life right now? Does it seem too big, too hard, too difficult to achieve? What small, seemingly insignificant thing can you do today that will put the journey toward your dream in motion?

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