Inaction Breeds Doubt and Fear

Bethany had a dream to move out from her current job as a CNA, and become a neonatal nurse. She worked on gaining the resources to attend nursing school. She overcame her fears of returning to school at the age of 35. She overcame her fears of working a full time job, and being a single mother of two, and attending classes. She graduated near the top of her class. She was motivated, knowledgeable, and had all the resources she needed. And yet she hesitated to sign up and take her NCLEX exam. It wasn't because she thought she would fail the test, she was confident in her knowledge. It wasn't because she didn't want to move from CNA to RN. No, she really REALLY wanted it. So what exactly was the problem? She had hesitated, she was in a pattern of inaction. Instead of taking the NCLEX as soon as possible, she had put it off until "next month." She validated her reasoning by saying she wanted to be sure she had enough money left at the end of the current month. That was two months ago. Now she was at the start of month three and still hadn't signed up for the exam. The further she got away from graduation, and the further she got away from her learning, the more her fear, doubt and worry kicked in. She started thinking about how being an RN was a huge responsibility. She thought about how working with babies was emotionally difficult at times. She thought about how her world would change with improved income, both the good and what she perceived as bad. She started thinking about how it could affect her children if she were to get the 'wrong shift', or become too emotional with the babies at work and not have enough mental capacity for her own children. She literally thought her way out of taking those exams. She had become stuck in inaction. She had waited long enough that her fears became greater than her confidence. Instead of just having general nervousness about taking the "big test", she now had fears, doubts, and worries to deal with as well. She became so convinced about her fears coming true, that she forgot how amazing she was. How knowledgeable she was. How capable and confident she was. We worked through this, and she remembered how amazing she was, how knowledgeable and capable she was. She rebuilt her confidence and before our call was over, she had signed up for the test. I am happy to report that she is now an amazing neonatal nurse, doing what she always wanted to do, and her life is amazing. She has a great work-life balance, which isn't always easy for nurses, but Bethany is rocking it. She also decided that she would never again stay in inaction, because inaction allowed her to spend time with her fears. It allowed her to honestly think herself out of her passion, purpose, and goals. Do you do that? Do you sit in inaction and allow your fears to talk you out of a life you love? Are you breeding doubt and fear by staying still? Go out there and DO IT! What should you do today, that will get you to YOUR goals?

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