Life on Pause

Reflecting On This Past Year

Every December, I take the last two weeks of the year to reflect on the events of the year. I always encourage others to reflect as well. There is power in reflection. It helps us take stock of where we are in our journey. We look at what we have accomplished, where we ended up, and where we want to go from here.

However, reflecting on the year 2020 was difficult. There was so much this year that fell into the category of "Did Not Go As Planned." I am certain that many of you can agree with that statement.

As I wrote out my lists of struggles and successes, I noticed a theme for myself emerging. That theme was introspection. I had a lot of time to look inward and work on myself. I noticed that the year 2020, although difficult, was a gift as well. I decided to give the year 2020 a title. 2020, Life on Pause.

There is something beautiful about a Pause. That time between. That time where you are not thinking consciously, you are just existing, you are just being. A time where you are allowing your thoughts to drift without direction and letting your inner being do its work under the surface. A pause where you things don't have to be planned, thought out, or processed. It gives your inner self time to unconsciously process everything around you without your conscious mind getting in the way. It allows for your brain to let go of trying to be in control and gives it a rest. So that it can come back to things refreshed and in a better state.

In spite of the stressors and worries, I was given a gift this year of the time and ability needed to pause. To binge watch television shoes, to read books for the purpose of being entertained. To get out of my own head and to relax.

Because I took time to let go and embrace not having control over every aspect of my life, I was refreshed and invigorated. I focused on the idea that Rest is Required and I was really for the first time in a long time embracing what that truly meant. Life on Pause took a lot longer than I had planned this year, and that is okay. Life didn't go as planned, and that is okay. Those of us that look at 2020 as a Life on Pause, and take away the judgment that may come with feeling like we "lost a year", or "the year nothing was accomplished", I challenge you to see if 2020 was a "Life on Pause" year for you as well.

Although this year was without a doubt difficult in so many ways, it was also a truly life changing gift. I, like so many of you, are ready to return to some semblance of 'normal." I am ready to get back to living. I am so ready, but if I am honest, I am also really grateful for the Pause.

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