Reflect, Recalibrate, Recreate, Restart

Looking back, we can all admit that 2020 was a shit year. The New York Times even stated that 2020 was the year from hell. So many things went incredibly sideways and often downhill. Some of which are still being dealt with today.

However, being able to take a step back and observe 2020 from a distance of two weeks into a new year, there was one thing that really stood out. 2020 was a year where many of us were given the gift of personal time.

Yes, 2020 was a year of major changes, new personal chaotic routines, and much uncertainty. It was also a year that forced us into recognizing that life was precious and limited. 2020 forced us to take that Pause in life and look at our own lives in a different way and to look at how we can adjust to the constantly changing rules and requirements.

2020 was a year that forced us to reflect on our lives, recalibrate our daily activities, recreate who we are in our everyday lives, and restart fresh with new ideas and new ways of being and showing up.

Not everyone looked at this as an advantage. Many of us were caught up in the storm of illness, loss, and sadness. Many of us became overwhelmed, stressed out, and even depressed. We were unable to focus on anything except trying to survive and waiting for the next disaster to strike. We were glued to news outlets waiting for the next thing. We were online with doctors, friends, family, and school.

We were just trying to stay with it. We were in survival mode. We were in a state of shock and trauma. We were dog paddling so hard and going absolutely nowhere, trying to just keep our heads above water. That is okay. Where you are is okay, as long as you don't stay stuck there.

In 2020, the greatest blessing was that you were invited to take a deeper look at your life. How you are showing up, what you are doing, and how you are doing it. If you were unable to take advantage then, take a deep breath, recognize that you survived this far, and make a commitment to accepting the blessing - because it's still around.

Take time to look deep into your inner being, to look at your life as a whole, and to look at who you are, who you want to be, what you are doing, and what you want to do. It's been said that every morning is a second chance. A new day to start over, to start again, start new.

Take advantage of this strange and unprecedented time to reflect on your life, recalibrate your priorities, recreate who you are, and restart your own life. I promise you, it will be worth it!

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