Rest is A Requirement

Updated: Feb 15

In this go go go world, it is frowned upon to be considered lazy. People will snicker behind your back if they ever hear that you took a day off and did nothing "productive".  In fact, it has become the norm to actually be overly judgmental of our own selves for being lazy. I will admit that there were days where I just didn't feel like "it".  I didn't feel like being productive, I didn't feel like doing anything that required me to be full dressed, to have my hair fixed, or even brush my teeth.  When I felt that way, I found myself literally hating myself for being that way.  You see, when we work our asses off, we are seen as motivated, hustling, and going the extra distance.  There are so many powerful personal development gurus that feed us the line that we have to be doing something every minute of the day to reach our goals.   And we buy that line.  We live that line, and we judge ourselves according to that expectation.  When we don't measure up, we feel like we have failed.  It wasn't until I got into the realm of healthier habits, that I learned a powerful lesson.  Science proves that rest is required when working on toning or building muscles.  When we exercise, we are literally damaging our muscles with micro tears.  If we didn't have rest days, our muscles would never heal and repair, in a healthier and stronger way.  If we exercised all the time, every day and never rested, we would eventually do great damage to our muscles.  Stress fractures, overuse injuries, and joint pain will result from doing high intensity exercise all the time, which will also lead to exhaustion.

When I learned this about muscles, it got me thinking, our hearts, our brains, and you can even stretch it a bit and say our souls are muscles that we exercise when we endeavor towards a goal.  If we are constantly going, pushing, and hustling, we are exercising all of these muscles as well.  We will eventually burn out.  We will eventually drop exhausted from all the work. Yes, my friends, rest is a requirement.  When you give yourself time to rest, to step away from the hustle and grind, you will be amazed at how motivated you will be come to start again, refreshed, relaxed, and rejuvenated. You may also find that the thing you were struggling with, you now have the answer to because you allowed yourself to step away, let your brain, heart and soul rest and heal.

If you don't already have a rest day scheduled in your week, please Schedule it!  Your dreams and goals, not to mention your sanity will thank you for it!

Quote of the Week


"I'm not being lazy, I am just highly motivated to do nothing"

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