Season of Giving and Receiving

Welcome to the Holidays. The Season of Giving. The Season where we are reminded on almost an hourly basis to give, share and love.

I truly love the holidays, it always seems that in general, people are a little bit nicer, a little bit kinder, and a little bit more loving - as long as you are not trying to get the same gift as someone else and there is only ONE left! The world is truly just a little bit better during the holiday season. Many people are more inclined to take a look outside of their own worlds, and try to spread joy to others.

But how many of you have seen the other side of the giving - the receiving side? Are you a joyful receiver? Are you able to graciously and happily accept the gift of abundance from others? Many times, we reject the idea of receiving, as it means that we are "in need", flawed or less than. We let our pride get in the way of a gift.

Recently, I watched as a young couple offered to pay for another woman's groceries. I thought it was such a kind and wonderful gesture. I was grateful to be witness to this awesomeness of humanity.

But things went south quickly! The gifted woman because offended. She stated, "that is not necessary, I am not a retch. I am fully capable of spending my own hard earned money thank you."

All of us were beyond shocked! This young couple didn't intend on insulting this woman, they were trying to do something kind for another human. But this woman was instantly insulted. She verbally attacked the kind couple, and then turned to me and stated, "I get it, these people have some sort of guilt they are trying to buy off, but I won't be part of that."

I was stunned and dismayed.

This woman took the joy and excitement away from these thoughtful givers. She stifled the flow of abundance in the world. Why? Why would she do this? This woman may not have needed any help, sure, but she could have graciously said "thank you" and spent the money she did have, in a way that benefitted another - thus continuing the flow of abundance? I will never know her reasons. I didn't feel it my place to ask.

I truly hope that the young couple didn't let this interaction stop them from trying again to bring joy to others in giving. I truly hope that this woman will have an Ah-ha moment and recognize that she can accept gifts from others, not because she is flawed or in need, but because she is a part of a greater thing. She is a part of the energy of the world and the flow of abundance.

I hope that you as well my friends, not only take the take to be a cheerful giver. Making the world better in any way you can, but also by being a gracious receiver, and allowing that flow of amazing awesomeness continue through you!

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