Slow Down!

In the days before the start of the Holidays, many people often feel rushed, overwhelmed, and stressed.  This tends to lead us into negative or "stinking thinking."  

I have been increadibly busy lately.  Everything from managing family and medical issues, to celebrations and preparations.  Today, I felt overcome with desperated overwhelm.  I started looking at everything I haven't done yet, and getting on myself, asking myself "why haven't you done this?"  Or "why did you put this off?"  and then diving deep into that ugly pond, I even decided that I was ashamed of myself for not doing all the things I need to do.  I have presents left to wrap, homemade gifts in various states of unfinished, and I forgot to feed my kids dinner because we were so busy making Ginger Bread Houses. Those negative thoughts erupted in my head and brought me to tears with the simple thought, "I am a terrible mother!"

We are so busy this time of year trying to be everything to everyone, all in the spirit of love, joy and happiness, that we end up making ourselves miserable.  We start allowing the negative thoughts speak louder and grow more powerful.  We start getting down on ourselves and looking at all the things that we are that are not as good as we want them to be.  We start accepting the negative thoughts as though they are facts. Are you there with me right now?  Are you facing a daunting to-do list that seems impossible to complete? Are you like I was, wallowing in the scum of self-pity and flagellation?  When you are feeling as I was, and as a lot of us are at this time of the year, you need to slow down.  Just when you feel like you absolutely cannot slow down, that is when you need it the most.   Taking time to slow down, breathe, get mindful, meditate, rest a bit, and/or relax will enable you to complete all that you need to do, on time, and without the stress, worry, and negative self-talk.  Today, take an extra moment to slow down.  I promise it will be worth it!

Quote of the Week


"You may not be able to calm the storm, but what you can do is calm yourself, the storm will pass"

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