This is the way.

My family's Star Wars fandom has been pretty happy this past few months. We have been given many opportunities to return to the Star Wars universe and experience adventures.

We have been watching The Mandalorian on Netflix. We along with countless millions have a love for the Baby Yoda. (interesting factoid - Baby Yoda is called Baby Yoda because Yoda's species was kept secret by George Lucas and is listed as "Unknown" in Star Wars Canon.) We love that the tough, badass Mandalorian, who feels deeply indebted and entrenched with the Mandalorian's for rescuing him, also has such a kindness for and connection with The Child.

We love the badass Women who take no shit! The armorer, the retired shock trooper, and the mother in the village. Lordy how I admire the shock trooper! One thing that has been a constant conversation and quote in our home, is "This is the way." Which is the mantra of the Mandalorians. Without getting into my deep dive of Nerd-ism, I will just suffice it to say that "This is the way" is how the Mandalorians reaffirm their religious and life beliefs. Our family, has taken this mantra on as our own. In everyday life, there are questions from the children, "Why do we have to make our beds?" "Why do we have to eat peas?" Why do I have to take deep breaths when I am anxious?" and so on and so on.... and inevitably, the answer becomes, "This is the way."

Recently, I was talking with my 8 year old, who has learned that mean people suck, bullies usually have bullies of their own, and we should always do the best we can and keep learning. He was upset and frustrated because he was having a bad day and it seemed like no matter what he did, he kept making mistakes. I told him, mistakes are just ways of keeping us on our toes and reminding us to keep learning and growing. He thought deeply about this, and then said, with his own powerful wisdom and authority... "Ahh, This IS the way." We giggled and laughed, but we both knew on a much deeper level, This truly IS the way. What is your way? How are you living your life and your truth?

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