What Do You Need?

Updated: Feb 5

Good Morning my friends! Today is Monday March 30, 2020. Last night, most of us in the US were informed that we will continue the social distancing routine that is currently in place for the next 30 days. My family has been in in-home isolation since the 8th of March and we are doing okay, but it is getting old.  We realize that many are feeling the same.   I was thinking about what I can do, right where I am, with what I have in order to make the world even just a tiny bit better right now.  I have a ton of ideas, but before I dive deep into any one thing, I'd like to ask YOU...

What is it that you feel you need to brighten your day, feed your soul, and up lift your spirits? If I were to put together something.. what would you want to see, read, or experience from the comfort of YOUR home?

Let me know!  I will do my best to create and post something that you are needing!

Quote of the Week

Becka Drake

"We must reach out to each other.  We must maintain community even in distance.  Knowing we have a tribe out there that is connected in this disconnected world is vital. "

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