When You Focus on One Thing.. You Can Miss So Much

You knew this was coming....

COVID-19. Coronavirus. You just can't open anything these days without those words in them. It's like a mad rush to see how much we can scare the shit out of everyone. Why do we do this?

Well, there IS science behind it. Our brains are hardwired to focus on danger. Without realizing it most of the time, we are always on the lookout for danger. I had briefly forgotten about this in my crazy need to get as much information as quickly as I could in order to make informed decisions regarding myself and my family. Then, last night in honor of home-education, we watched "Brain Games" on Disney+. We learned so much in one episode. We learned about perception and awareness. We learned about parts of the brain and what they were responsible for. We learned about echolocation. We learned how to be a pickpocket. It was a grand time. What stood out to me however, was the very brief few sentences about focused awareness. Now in the show, they were talking about how illusionists deceive viewers by enabling them to become completely focused on one thing and completely miss everything else. Does anyone remember the Monkey Business illusion?

Here is a link in case you don't.


Go ahead and watch it. This email will be here when you get back.

So as I was watching the show, which was awesome btw.. I was reminded about focused awareness. I also had a sudden epiphany. What was I missing in my everyday life because I was so focused on learning and watching and hearing as much as I could about the virus?

Well, in an effort to maintain some dignity, lets just say I was missing quite a bit. So now I ask you....

Are you so focused on something right now that you are missing things in your life? There is power in being mindful and being in the moment, but which moment are you focused on?

We know that what we focus on we create more of. Are you creating a life you love or a life you fear?

As for me, I am thankful that the Universe saw fit to gently remind me to not get so caught up on one thing that I miss out on others.

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