Who is your Tribe?

Updated: Feb 15

Who Is Your Tribe

I recently talked with a woman who was struggling to "fit in."  

She is married to a CEO, she is an accountant, they have two children and a dog.  They live in a great part of town, and they update their cars every four years. She attends many of the Parent Teacher meetings, and volunteered as a scout leader.  She did yoga with the "ladies" and attended The Junior League meetings and events religiously.  She went through her days, doing all the things that she knew was expected of her and what was the right course of action.  Her Momma didn't raise a fool.  She knew she had it good, and she was doing her best to stand in her life as the working woman who was doing it all. But something was just not right.  Something was off. And because something was not right, she was feeling unfulfilled in her life.  She was feeling as if she were missing out on something that would be the missing piece of her perfect puzzle.  She just couldn't figure it out. Her friends admired her, her family adored her, and he felt that she was doing and attending all the right things, but she just wasn't content and felt as if something were missing. 

Although she felt like life was okay, and that she shouldn't be complaining or unhappy, she just couldn't shake the fact that she felt like she was missing something really important. And that thing, was what was keeping her from true happiness.

You see, when we live a life that might look good on us, but doesn't really fit, we are constantly at odds with our own lives and our selves.  We know we must LOOK good, but we sure don't feel good.  It's almost as if we are wearing an outfit that has been sewn every just slightly off.  We go through life, doing what we know we should be doing.  All the while watching our lives pass us by.  Often feeling as if we are missing out on something amazing.  Often feeling as if that happiness is just around the corner, but we aren't even sure which corner. Have you ever felt like that?  I'm pretty sure you have.  I know I have.  We all have at some point.  When you take stock of your current life, and you know there is something that you could be doing to increase your own happiness, you find yourself in a place of increased self-doubt, maybe even worry or anxiety.  It's not a great place to be is it?   I know it wasn't for my client.  I know it wasn't fun for me, and I am fairly certain it isn't for you either.  But here is the great news!  When you get to know your true, authentic self, you can start to give yourself permission to look at what you really want from life.  What changes need to be made, what things might need to be added or taken away. Wouldn't you love to know who you truly are?  Once my client figured out what she was missing in her life, those things that really set her soul on fire, she began to really LIVE.  She was excited for each new day. She was thrilled to be doing things, going places, and really enjoying life to its fullest. Find yourself my friends, because that is where life REALLY happens.

Quote of the Week

Sheri Fink

"Being your Authentic self is the ultimate secret to happiness in life"

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