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Individual Coaching

Individual coaching is the most powerful type of coaching because it focuses exclusively on you.  It is tailored specifically for you to meet your needs right where you are at.  Every step in the journey is controlled by you.  From recognizing where you are at now and creating a vision of where you want to be, to navigating the obstacles and celebrating the wins, every session has you as the ultimate priority.

Coaching Sessions can be booked HERE

Group Coaching

Group coaching is tailored towards a mutual goal of several people each showing up to gain clarity on a topic, course, or program that they are mutually involved in learning.  Group coaching sessions focus on lessons with a time set aside for Questions and Answers. 

Coach Becka provides group coaching to coworkers, team mates, families, and friends that are working towards learning and guidance on mutual goals.  

She also does group coaching related to all of her courses and programs.  

Would you love to experience coaching first hand before committing?  Schedule a Free 60 minute Mini Session and see what working with Coach Becka is all about!!

Easily Connect

No matter where you are in the world, you can receive support, guidance, and encouragement take the small steps as well as the massive action steps needed to move from a life of just surviving into your best life.  

Coach Becka offers coaching via Google Meets, Telephone, and in certain circumstances in person.

Unique Approaches 

You are unique.  There is no one else in the world that is exactly like you.  Because of this amazing and truly wonderful fact, Coach Becka Drake does not subscribe to the one-size fits all coaching model.  She believes that each of her clients should expect, and deserve to have an individualized coaching plan best suited to your unique life, situations, dreams and goals.  

When you collaborate with Coach Becka Drake for coaching, you will receive non-judgmental acceptance and understanding of trying to improve yourself,  even if you don't fully know who you really are to begin with.

Coach Becka will listen to your story, professionally assess your life, circumstances, and desires. She will work within your current situation to help you move into your best life, based on what your "Best Life" means to you.


Think you can't afford a life coach?  You would be surprised to know that she also understands "broke" and truly values each unique situation.  She will work within almost all circumstances to move you in the direction of a bigger better life.  Don't be limited by your current beliefs, request a free session and see where your life can thrive with coaching and mentoring with Coach Becka.

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Coach Becka is passionate about using her voice and positive energy to motivate and empower people to believe in themselves. Her platform of Authentic, Not Perfect is an amazing message to anyone who is feeling the struggles and stresses of life. 



She is authentic, and transformational; and her message is a message of triumph that most anyone can envision themselves achieving.

She is committed to sharing how your audience can find their own path to transformation. She believes it all starts with a decision and then an action!

Coach Becka will work with you to cater to the specific needs of your organization. 
You and your organization will enjoy having her as your keynote or guest speaker. 

Contact her to discuss her availability and fees.


She entertains and empowers attendees to look at who they are now, why they are that way, who they want to become, and how to make choices and decisions based on their own beliefs and values versus those that given to them by society, friends and family, and their own limited beliefs.


Whether she is speaking at a corporate event, a church, a conference, a convention, a school, a university, or a non-profit, She takes her past "mess", and turns it into her message that you do not need to feel  stuck or hopeless.  Audiences can relate to and recognize themselves in her powerful stories of past mistakes, hardships, and struggles as well as be inspired and motivated to see her journey to living her best and ever bigger and better life.

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Coach Becka offers a variety of Workshops in an 18 minute, 30 minute, 1 hour, and 3 hour presentations. 


Each workshop will be catered to your business or groups individual needs.



Coach Becka loves to attend and speak, coach, or mentor others during retreats that are geared towards Personal Empowerment, Transformation, Special Needs Parenting, or Authentic Living.

She brings her full self into every aspect of retreats leading mindfulness, walking meditations, interpersonal improvement, along with her special brand of being Authentic and Positive through everything that life can bring.

Book Coach Becka for your next workshop, team building, team empowerment, or retreat today!

Email Coach Becka.

Notable Past Events

Centura Health: "Team Building "

Pueblo,  Colorado

Colorado Mental Health Institute: "Lead with the Heart" 

Pueblo,  Colorado

Highland Park Elementary: "Special Needs and Anti Bullying"

Pueblo,  Colorado

Life Mastery Institute: |Dream Building Success"

Los Angeles, California

A Woman's Soul Journey: "The Stories We Tell Ourselves" 

 Jefferson, Maryland

Pueblo City/County Library: "The Power of You"
Pueblo,  Colorado

TickTock Anti-Cafe: "Coffee and Conversation" 
Pueblo, Colorado


Finding Your Inner Strength, The Empowerment Conference

San Antonio, Texas